What is LiDAR? Intro Course

FREE Introductory Course on Drone LiDAR Technology, Data Products, Data Standards, and Applications.


Here is this section we will break down what we will cover for the entire course.  We will also broadly define lidar, its uses, and applications. This will provide the layout of the entire series below.

LiDAR Data Collection

This section we cover the essential components of drone LiDAR , how LiDAR maps and penetrates vegetation, and cover of the key LiDAR data characteristics.

LiDAR Applications

LiDAR has many applications.  In this section we will go through some of the universally common ones.  Check back here we are constantly updating this section to add applications in construction, engineering, environmental, geology, archaeology, and more

LiDAR Post Processing Data Products

Ok, Now that we have gone over the applications, we should go into the basic data products that make these applications possible.

LiDAR Data Quality

Now that we have looked at applications and basic products, we need to look at how we know if the data is accurate.  Here we will explore quality attributes of your lidar data.

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