Transportation Industry UAV Lidar Webinar

Learn how affordable drone Lidar is changing work for DOTS

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What will you learn in this webinar?

UAV LiDAR Technology

What do you need to use lidar to map for the transportation industry?


How easy is it to fly and create lidar point clouds?

Transportation Use Case

What are the challenges, benefits, and results of using Velodyne Lidar.

Daniel J. Hubert

Daniel J. Hubert

UAV Mapping and LiDAR expert

Dan runs a team of pilots, data analysts, and training professionals to assist enterprises and major research universities in streamlining their geospatial mapping needs.  Previously was GA-ASI project manager on MQ-9 Reaper, commanded multi-sensor drone intelligence operations for US Special Forces, a TOP GUN Tactical Instructor for multi-sensor combat aircraft, and theater-level geospatial analysts.

Frank Bertini

Frank Bertini

Velodyne UAV & Robotics Business Mgr.

Frank Bertini is the UAV and Robotics Business Manager at Velodyne Lidar. After graduating with a Physics degree from Villanova, he went on to work as a sales engineer for industrial sensor companies Keyence and SICK, building up 10 years of Lidar experience.  Frank has covered technical sales for Velodyne Lidar and has helped hundreds of companies bring their Lidar solutions to market.

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