UgCS and UgCS for DJI: Updates, Changes and Fixes

Release notes for UgCS v.4.8 (728)

New Features 

Implemented quick route renaming. Routes can now be quickly renamed by clicking on the name in the route card without having to go into route parameters.

Demo mission UgCS


The safe trajectory type has been removed. Together with that, the ability to choose the trajectory type in the route parameters window has been removed as well. All existing and future routes will be calculated using the “Straight” trajectory type. 

For SDK users - Route.trajectoryType field is now deprecated. You must not fill it. If UgCS receives a non-empty Route.trajectoryType it will raise an error: “The field ’trajectory type’ is deprecated.” 


  • Fixed a bug from UgCS 4.7 where, when planning a route for Ardupilot vehicles, incorrect turn types were displayed instead of the default Straight / Spline. 

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes DJI L1 wouldn’t stop data recording at the end of a LiDAR Area or LiDAR Corridor segment. 

  • Camera profile fixes: 
  1. Profile settings for DJI M2EA thermal camera have been updated to achieve the correct flight height for thermal photogrammetry.
  2. DJI Zenmuse X7 focal length value has been updated. 

  • Improvements in overall application stability. 

Release notes for UgCS for DJI v.2.36.1358 


  • Sometimes the app crashed right after launch. 

Release notes for UgCS for DJI v.2.36.1311 


  • For DJI Phantom 4 RTK an option to enable/disable PPK mode has been added to the main Settings menu. Once enabled, for each flight a folder will be created on the SD card for storing recorded PPK data + images taken during the flight. For PPK data to be recorded, the SD card must be inserted and the camera has to be set to photo mode. Only supported for Phantom 4 RTK. Note that the SD card cannot be formatted while PPK mode is enabled. 

Enable PPK mode toggle in Settings for Phantom 4 RTK.


  • The current location of the drone pilot (remote controller) is displayed on the map in UgCS for DJI. It is also now possible to automatically focus on the location of the RC using the button on the left side of the display (highlighted in yellow). 


  • Fixed an issue where on certain scan missions DJI M300 would fly over target points on vertical segments. 

  • Fixed an issue where, when using the Photogrammetry tool with Stop&Turn turn type, the drone could pause for up to 4 seconds after taking each image. 
  • Fixed an issue on DJI M300 where if the “Distance Limit” option was enabled, route upload could finish with a timeout error. 
  • Fixed an issue where the RTK options section in the app settings was not available in certain cases for drones with RTK. 
  • Improved the stability of route upload to UgCS SkyHub on DJI M600. 

(Important: Please be informed, that future development of the iOS version of UgCS for DJI is suspended. We recommend using the Android version of UgCS for DJI to ensure its full functionality of UgCS. UgCS for DJI for iOS is compatible with UgCS v.4.3. For more details, reach out to )

The UgCS for DJI app is designed to establish a connection between the DJI drone and UgCS desktop to upload and carry out a previously planned mission, or to fly the drone in “Click&Go” mode. UgCS for DJI can also be used as a stand-alone application to manually fly DJI drones to capture photos or videos. To plan missions, UgCS desktop is required. 


Compatible with DJI’s: 

  • M600 / M600 PRO 
  • M200, M200 v2 series, M210, M210RTK 
  • M100 
  • Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Pro/Enterprise/Zoom 
  • Inspire 2 
  • Inspire 1 
  • Phantom 4 and 3 series 
  • A3 
  • N3 

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