uav Lidar Helps surveyors with 3D scanning Opportunities

Over the last two years, we have talked to dozens of surveyors and civil engineers to help with their business problems.  Much like when GPS hit the marketing, we now see many surveying firms who were skeptical of lidar’s accuracy or couldn’t make a business case coming back to purchase.  Part of this is the awareness that vegetation presents a significant challenge for accuracy for photogrammetry. The other reason is the increase in demand for lidar and the ability to charge more for higher quality geospatial measurement data.  Just this year, a POB study found that 70% of respondents saw a growth in demand for 3D Lidar services.

It’s not too late to start offering high density aerial 3D mapping and modeling as a service.

So what are you waiting for?

A Flying Total Station

A Flex lidar system with dual cameras is like having a flying mobile total station. Or for higher ROI, fly two separate lidar and imagery flights.  This makes use of different collection rates and equipment pricing. 

An aerial total station makes it easy for you to expand your business by using streamlined workflows to handle your 3D scanning projects.

IT is easy

Have the benefit of intuitive point cloud extraction processes.  As a result, you no longer have to navigate overly complicated software to create practical deliverables.


Our training goes into it step by step, making drone mapping is easy to use:

“If you know how to use survey workflow software, you know how to use an process lidar.”

scaleable efficiency

Compared to most traditional reality capture tools, drone 3D scanners can perform more work in less time, with greater accuracy and detail. So why aren’t you using them?

When you consider the time they save and productivity you’ll gain, aerial 3D scanners can be a much more affordable way to collect the most common – to the most complex geometries.


On top of that, aerial lidar is 10X faster than just traditional methods.  It is also 4x faster than photogrammetry.  – All while preserving traditional surveying workflows and applications.


You also benefit from using the familiar and intuitive workflows to auto-classify features such as break lines, buildings, vegetation, natural ground, signs, utilities – the possibilities are virtually endless.


If you appreciate the importance of keeping up with the latest geospatial technology, 3D scanning with UAV Lidar will put you in a good position to handle increasingly complex projects without any of the headaches. 

Other applications with the strongest growth in demand include:

  • Topographic Mapping
  • Construction Layout
  • Architectural/BIM
  • Energy/Utilities/Catenary
  • Mining
  • Archeological/Heritage
  • Environmental
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Hydrography
  • Deformation Monitoring

Stay ahead of the curve

The reality among surveyors & geospatial professionals is that the demand for laser mapping and modeling continues to grow.

The need for improvised surveying technology is the key factor that’s anticipated to drive the growth of the LiDAR market.

According to a Geo Buiz report, 3D scanning was one of the main technologies driving growth in the geospatial market, accounting for $292.2 billion in spending with an economic impact of $2.21 trillion.

3D Scanning services is growing at 12.0% CAGR to reach $2.5B by 2020.  The driver for this growth is the adoption in the construction industry. 

Adoption jumped from 5% to 29% of the market use from 2018 to 2019.  This will continue as large construction firms streamline their processes.  Therefore, they will require it from all their sub-vendors. 


1. You’d like to expand the services and deliverables you offer to customers and grow your business.
2. You’d like to offer 3D scanning services, but you’re not familiar or quite confident with the workflow.
3. You already know how to use another field workflow, and you’d like an easy introduction to aerial 3D scanning work.
4. You don’t have a drone mapping unit yet, but you’d like to have one in the future.
5. Most of your work requires a high-accuracy total station, but occasionally you also need a rapid and precise 3D scanning solution.
6. You need a high-accuracy under vegetation mapping solution but you can’t justify the expense of a standalone 3D scanner.

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There hasn’t been a better or busier time to invest in technology that will allow you to be more competitive, productive and profitable.

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