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Rent it, FLY it, Buy it


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Leveraging UAV LIDAR rental in Your Business

Adopting a LiDAR into your business has a lot of uncertainty.  MODUS has a drone LiDAR rental solution for customers who needs a drone and mobile-based LiDAR capture capability once a year. MODUS will support you every step of the way from onboarding training so you are successful in the field to helping process your products. This is an opportunity to use technology once reserved for government, large corporations, and select niche firms, LiDAR has never been more accessible than today.

Why Rent LiDAR?

Forgo the Upfront Investment
Decrease Long-run Expense
LiDAR Business Development
Build an Industry Reputation
Build Expertise
Save at Tax Time

What’s in the package?


  • FlexV16 Package
  • Drone Mounts
  • GNSS Antenna


  • M600 Pro
  • FPV Camera


  • Cases
  • LiPo Batteries
  • Charger


1000 NIT field station and tablet that includes all the software you need to plan, fly, process and analyze your LiDAR data before uploading to 3rd party applications.


  • UAV LiDAR Operator Course
  • Build on your experience with our other LiDAR Data Courses.
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We are with you every step of the way.

  • Back-up Online Training and Documentation
  • Office Tech Support
  • Deplorable Field Support Reps

We want you to be successful and we are committed to your success.



  • Easily Load KMLs for planning
  • 3D view of your work environment
  • Simple LiDAR planning


  • One button LiDAR Start
  • Simple loading of flight automation
  • Follow Terrain for increased safety


  • Simple Step by Step Process
  • Get your Data Fast
  • Deliver it in the right standard


World Class Tech Support

1 on 1 support.  We don’t just fix your problem but we take the time for you to understand what went wrong.  

Field Representative Options

Let’s face it, most people don’t know LiDAR and you are probably using it to build your business.  While we have great training and support materials, sometimes your team needs a little extra help.  Our field professionals will coach you all the way through your process, from planning, field execution, to processing the data.  

Field Office Data Processing

Need help processing your data.  You can count on our professional data analysts to help you get the job done.  (fees apply)


We supply you with checklists, step-by-step operator manuals, video teleconferencing, and more.  Discover the MODUS difference.

How to Qualify


We have an outstanding training program designed to be tailored from the new user to experienced geospatial professionals.


We require every company to have proof of insurance with full hull coverage for the unit.  

Proof of Flight Experience

You don’t drive construction equipment without an operator license.  A high-end measurement drone isn’t any different.  

We require all operators to have their part 107 and show proof of over 20 hours of 1000-class multirotor flight time.

MODUS Rental Training

LiDAR Operator Training

This two-day course covers everything you need to plan, collect, and post-process LiDAR data to create a raw geo-corrected point cloud.


LiDAR LEVEL 1 Training

This optional one-day course picks up where we left off with the Operator Course.  You will learn how to do basic classification, visualization, and convert files into over 250 popular formats to allow 3rd party software to process your data.   We highly encourage this course.


We offer a simple no fuss rental process.  We offer an easy one-price cost.  No tax, shipping, etc.  This makes bidding a job easy.  When you have won your bid, simply schedule and hold your equipment with a deposit.  Your equipment will arrive on your request day.  When you are complete, just drop it in the mail with one of our return mailing slips. It is that easy.  

Training & Qualify

Schedule & Deposit

Receive & Fly

Return & Closeout


When you need to leverage professional data analysts to get the job done right.

Raw Calibrated Point Cloud 

A raw geo-corrected point cloud is the base product LiDAR equipment produces.  However starting out, you may want to make sure you have a team of data analysts behind you to ensure you can wow your customer.  Perfect when you are trying to do big jobs or your company is new to LiDAR.

Point Cloud Classification

Classification assigns points into groups with useful and logical categories, such as points on a road surface, building roofs, trees, etc. Without the proper training, experience, and software renters can spend hours of tedious work trying to isolate the data of interest.  

MODUS has your US team to make sure you can deliver downstream data products to support your customer.  

Colorized Point Cloud

Need RGB LiDAR data.  No problem.  Let our professionals take your imagery and lidar data and fuse them to create a 3D colorized image.  This would provide your customer all the color they see from photogrammetry with all the accuracy and under vegetation coverage of lidar.  



What does the training consist of and is it web based?
The training is hands on and in person, either in San Diego or at your site (standard GSA per diem and travel costs are added.) The training is designed for up to five students per instructor. Additional students beyond this will require more laptops and software licenses.

The training is standard industry practice OEM. Many customers are familiar with drones and photogrammetry but not LiDAR; flying LiDAR collections is different as it is an active sensor. Modus AI wants to ensure that you are successful in field operations, as well as understanding and being able to do the six-step workflow, resulting in a geocalibrated raw point cloud.
We also use this time to assess the client’s flying proficiency. A drone is only $5000 but the sensors run in excess of $50,000. This is why we certify/qualify every operator.

Are shipping days part of the rental?
NO – we charge for useable days. We expect the equipment to arrive on a certain date. The next day will start the rental time period. Shipping is charged as part of the rental as a line item on the quote. We understand there may be rain days, set up, or natural delays with the site. We found that 3 days works the best for most customers. On the last day, the postage is already paid as part of the contract. Simply take the equipment to a UPS store and they will get it back to us.
What are the average 3-day rentals cost?
Call for pricing and availability? We recommend six weeks’ notice as the equipment is in high demand.
Rental Requirements
  1. Part 107 certification
  2. Proficiency check and flight log review
  3. MODUS LiDAR and Operations training course for each operator.
  4. We also require proof of insurance with Modus as COI and full replace coverage of the equipment being rented from us.
  5. Small refundable deposit or a hold on a charge card to cover small damage like missing rotor blades, lost iPad, etc.
Why do we require training?

We want you to succeed.  Even if you have used other LiDAR systems before, every manufacturer does their process a bit different.  We know, we have worked with a lot of them.

Also, this creates a safe environment to learn and experiment.  The last thing you want is your team learning this for the first time on a job site.  You will lose money.

Last quality control.  We know when you certify with us that you will be able to operate safely and protect your insurance policy.

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