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4 Step Demo Process

Book a demonstration event and we try to match one of our LiDAR experts with experience in your industrial area.

In Office Presentation

We start with an in-office presentation of the equipment, workflow, and how the selected LiDAR solution can be used for your business.

Field Demonstration

We head out to a safe, pre-agreed upon flying area to demonstrate field set up, flight workflows, and in-the-field LiDAR QC processing.

Data Production Workflow

Back in your office, our experts will walk you through easy to use workflows to calibrated High Definition LiDAR products for your applications.

Use Case Consultation

Finally, we tie it all together and consult about your use case and business.  We help you quantify the ROI and capability increases.


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All Lidar packages are available upon special request and equipment availability

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Unlike a lot of other companies in the market today, we send a minimum of two instructors for each training event.

  • Lidar Drone Data Acquisition Specialist: Military trained experts experienced in drone flight data collection and sensor optimization. Our flight instructors have thousands of hours flying both manned and unmanned systems.
  • Remote Sensing Geospatial Analyst. NGA College Master Instructors. Our instructor staff all have an extensive military background, with decades of remote sensing experience in satellite, aerial, mobile data analysis and product development. To increase the value of the experience we do try to match our analysis with your industry, if possible.


Operators Evaluating Equipment to integrate into their workflow or to expand business capability

Project Managers considering leasing or renting particular equipment for a project
Your customers. Get a head start. Show your customers the capability and business opportunity before you buy.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Talk to our Experts.

Work Shop Details


LiDAR 101

System Overview

LiDAR Planning

Intro to DRONE LiDAR Automation

System Usecases


Field Setup

Elements of Lidar Accuracy and Control

Flight Demonstration

In-Field Data QC


Post Processing Workflow

Calibration Point Cloud Workflow

Data Standards

Down Stream Products overview


Try Before You Buy or Rent

This is a 4 to 6 hour equipment demonstration. This package includes a technology overview and equipment/ software workflow demonstrations.

Your Experts with Our Experts

You have questions.  Cut through the marketing and let your team get access to the equipment, software, and geospatial professionals that can help you onboard the equipment  and software workflows.

Demo Discount

Deduct the base cost of the demonstration from your purchase or rental.  If you complete your purchase or rent from use within 90 days we will decut the base price of demonstration off the cost.


What We Bring


Drone Flight Instructor

Our fully certified drone pilots have flown commercial drones and military helicopters over 10 years and conducting precision data collection.  Learn how to properly collect lidar, fly safe, and best flight practices from real experts.

Remote Sensing Geospatial Expert

Like our pilots, we have analysts that not only perfected products and workflows for the government but go around the world at a national level teaching professionals how to use these technologies to change.



  • We bring one drone lidar system with all the equipment an company will bring to the field.
  • We can bring more systems for added time, staff, and pricing.


  • We present all the software to plan, fly, collect, compile, check accuracy, view, and post process.
  • Discover standard workflows for the select product.
  • Many manufacturers will show you their product, but we show you the baseline workflow for your business.

What We Need From the Host

Presentation Space

Half of our demonstration is to present out the technology, workflow, and potential end products.

Depending on the number of people attending, we recommend a presentation space with:

  • Presentation Table large enough for a 3-foot diameter drone and its equipment.
  • A power source to power laptops and drone equipment

Safe Flying Area

Flight Demonstrations require safe flight area.  This area should include:

  1. Features you want to see captured.  I.E. Forrest, buildings, power lines, etc
  2. Outside of Controlled Airspace.
  3. Property Owner Approval.
  4. Sparsely populated area.
  5. Optimum area is 10 to 40 acres or 1 mile of river, pipeline, or infrastructure.

Other Important Information

Class size: While we do not have a maximum audience size, the more attendees the less experience our customers tend to receive.

 We suggest limiting the demonstration to company decision-makers and technical experts, who would gain the most from a first-hand experience prior to purchasing our services.

Hours: Plan for a full 8 hour training day with a 1-hour lunch break. Typical hours of instruction are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. unless coordinated in advance.


Two Simple Options

Pick the option based upon your company's needs.

Option A

Come to Modus

We have several sites in the US to chose.

This allows you to get away from your office and focus on what these systems can do for your business.

Ask our experts about our training sites.

Option B

We Come to You

Can't afford the downtime?

That is OK.  Let our mobile training team come to you.

Perfect if you have a larger staff or need to have several decision makers see the technology.

Talk to us about different pricing packages, college discounts, and small business incentives.

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