WingtraOne Flight Batteries (Set)

Set of WingtraOne batteries. Enabling a flight duration of up to 1 hour
Module name:
Wingtra Battery 2
Trade name: Lithium-ion battery
Model number: 10.00342.02
Battery capacity: 99 Wh (a pair of batteries required)
Battery type: Li-ion, smart battery technology, UN compliant ; suitable for carry-on luggage
State-of-charge indicator: Integrated 5 level SoC indicator
Smart charging: Auto cell balancing
Rated energy content: 99 Wh
Nominal voltage:
14.4 V
Rated charge: 7.5 A, 16.8 V cutoff
Cell type: Samsung_INR_18650_25R
Configuration: 4s 3p configuration
Charging time:
1 h
Maximum continuous
discharge: 35 A
Battery dimensions:
80 × 60 × 75 mm (3.15 × 2.36 × 2.95 in)
Battery weight: 604 g (1.3 lb)
Operating temperature (takeoff): +10 to +40 °C (+50 to +104 °F)
Operating temperature (inflight):



+10 to +60 °C (+50 to +140 °F), The drone will automatically return to home in case the maximum battery temperature is exceeded during flight.
Storage temperature (90% capacity recovery): +0 to +25 °C (+32 to +77 °F)
Shock protection:
Overvoltage protection: yes
Undervoltage protection: yes
Temperture protection: yes
Short circuit protection: yes
Material safety data sheet (MSDS): Available on request

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