Skyfish M6

Skyfish is an American drone manufacturer and drone platform. Skyfish is a fully
customizable system that includes hardware, flight planning software, data processing
and analytics, and digital asset management.
Skyfish makes high performance drones designed to carry payloads useful to the
commercial and government sectors. Skyfish has specific expertise in infrastructure
inspection, reconnaissance, delivering robotic payloads, photogrammetry, 3D modelling,
LiDAR, and more.
The Skyfish M6 drone is designed for engineering-grade inspection and measurement,
robotic payload delivery, thermal tracking and analysis, and 3D modelling. The M6 can
be configured to respond toa range of sensor or robotic triggers and can be remotely
programmed for autonomous BVLOS flight and complex inspection orbits. With 6
motors and 4-6 onboard battery packs, the M6 can handle heavy payloads and often
flies projects in one pass.”

Dimensions (unfolded) 66.8 x 66.8 x 22.3 in
Dimensions (folded ) 24.9 x 24.9 x 22.4 in
Empty weight 16.7 lb
Maximum gross takeoff weight 51.5 lb
Maximum speed: S Mode: 65.0 mph / P Mode: 38.0 mph A Mode: 51.4 mph
Maximum ascent/descent speed: 16.4 ft//s
Maximum pitch angle: 45
Flight modes:
Manual, Loiter, Guided, Stabilize, RTL, custom modes
GPS: RTK ready, redundant flush mounted antennas
System architecture: Mother Board

“- Is your drone made in the United States?
Yes. Skyfish Drones are made in America. We design, manufacture, and test our Drones at our
Stevensville, Montana HQ and provide local support to satisfy your security standards.
– Are Skyfish Drones federal government and NDAA Sec. 848 compliant?
Yes. Skyfish Drones comply with Congress and DoD supply chain standards and is NDAA sec.
848 compliant.
-Is Skyfish FAA Drone Zone compliant?
Yes. Skyfish complies with FAA Drone Zone; we lead our customers and Train the Trainer
participants (107 Pilots) through the FAA Drone Zone commercial UAV registration process.
– Is Skyfish ITAR sec. 126.1 compliant?
Yes. Skyfish is ITAR sec. 126.1 compliant; we ship our UAVs to countries with which the United
States does not have a policy of denial of trade.
-Can I travel on airline with my Skyfish Drone?
Yes. Skyfish M-Series drones are checked-in luggage
– Are my batteries airline travel safe?
Skyfish sells batteries that are compliant (UN38.3 certified safe for airline travel) and batteries
that are not compliant for a lower cost.
– What type of batteries does Skyfish use?
Skyfish uses custom made Li-lon smart batteries.
– How doI properly care for my drone batteries?
Skyfish Battery Safety Guidelines
– If I live outside the United States, can I buy Skyfish products?
SKyTish will ship to any countries not restricted by international arms trade agreements.P22”

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