Phase One P3 for DJI M300

The Phase One P3 Payload is an integrated plug-and-play solution for the DJI M300 drone. It is designed to maximize the productivity of the most demanding inspection projects where time, safety, and image details are paramount for success. P3 Payload for DJI M300 leverages the DJI ecosystem for mission planning and execution to provide a flexible solution with the highest quality imagery.

Weight(w.80mm AF Lens):
Sensor: Medium format iXM 50 (8280 x 6208) & 100MP (11664 x 8750)
Environmental rating: IP53 (iXM only)
Gimbal stabalization: 3 axis
Laser range finder(Effective Range): Approximately 90m
Supported lense range: 35*, 80, or 150mm
Camera control(key features):
ISO, shutter speed, exposure, AE, focus distance, AF/MF, LRF range max/min, focus peaking
Camera metadata(key features):
EXIF (incl, IMU & Custom Field), ICC Profile, XMP (incl. GPS) & IPTC
Live view: HDMI
Smart focusing: Auto focus based on LRF input
Flight planningsoftware: DJI pilot
Electric interface: Skyport V2
Software interface: Support for PSDK & MSDK
Hardware Compatibility: DJI M300 only


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