Gremsy T3V3 Gimbal

Gremsy T3 (version 3) is the most advanced 3-axis camera stabilizer ready to fly. With many cameras in both cinematography & industrial applications. Featuring onboard HDMI and AUX ports, the T3 ensures a simple and clean setup as well as increased portability for your system. Not only providing built-in Bluetooth functionality for optimal comfort during your setup control, but we also make your plug & play installation easier within 2 seconds.

Weight: 2.65 lbs (1200 g)
System Type: 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer
Camera Cage: (Standard) (L x W x H) 100 x 152 x 120mm
Construction: Alluminum + Plastic
Input Voltage: 15-52V
USB 2.0, CAN, UART, S-bus, Spektrum, PPM, Bluetooth
Payload: 3.7 lbs (1700 g)
OS Platform Supported: Windows XP or above; Mac OS X 10.9 or above
Single Operator: Lock Mode, Follow Mode, Mapping Mode, Inverted Mode
Dual Operator:
SBUS / Spektrum / PPM/ Lightbridge 2
Pan Range: Pan axis control: ±345°
Tilt Range: Tilt axis control:±120°
Roll Range: Roll axis control: ± 45°
1x Gremsy T3-V3 Gimbal
1x HDMI Hyper Quick Release
1x Hotshoe Screw
1x Hotshoe Plate
1x Hotshoe Screw Extension
1x Camera Slide & Screw
1x Quick Release Rubber cover
1x Sbus Cable
2x Cable For Pixhawk (Com 2,Com 4)
1x Power Supply Cable
1x Power Tilt Cable
2x Auxiliary Cable
1x Micro USB Cable
5x M3 x 8 Screw
2x Allen Key 1,5 (mm)
1x Allen Key 2 (mm)
1x Allen Key 2.5 (mm)


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