Freefly Alta X – Alta X Bundle in Box (Includes Futaba Radio, FPV System, FRX Pro, F9P GPS)

“We designed Alta X from the ground up to capitalize on the benefits of large, efficient props while maintaining the crisp control and unmatched precision the Alta line is known for.
Alta X folds to half its normal size with the push of a finger. The folding linkages stiffen the booms to ensure low vibration and precise flight characteristics
Designed, assembled, tested, and supported by the Freefly team at our headquarters in Woodinville WA, USA.
Our customer support team, operations, and engineering team all work in the same building to encourage cross-team communication. We even developed our own product development software to ensure our customers’ success remains our priority as Freefly grows
Reliability without Compromise.
We sweat the details so you don’t have to. Check out some of the manufacturing tests and workflow we created to ensure Alta X will perform day after day in the harshest environments.
Support Ecosystem.
Building a drone that flies like the Alta X is just the first step. Our customers’ success depends on our comprehensive and integrated ecosystem that ensures in-field success
Alta X is built to carry just about anything with our integrated quick release system on top and bottom of the aircraft.
We’ve made the software stack equally as flexible by using Auterion Enterprise PX4 and supporting the MAVSDK.”


Unfolded Diameter (not including props): 1415 mm
Unfolded Diameter (Including Props): 2273 mm
Folded Diameter: 877 mm
Height: 387 mm
Height (Skyview): 434 mm
Number of Motors: 4
Motor Max Continuous Power Output: 100 A
Motor Max Instantaneous Peak Power Output: 130 A (>3s)
Equivalent Kv: 115 rpm/V
Model: 33x9in
Material: Carbon fiber filled Nylon
Propeller Orientation: (2) CW and (2) CCW Props
Propeller Type: 840 x 230 mm Folding
Nominal Battery Voltage: 44.4V
Battery Connectors: XT-90
Required Minimum Battery Discharge Rating (Per Pack): 320 Amps per battery (assumes two batteries) 20C for a 16A-hr pack.
Maximum Gross for Takeoff: 34.86kg (see performance charts)
Maximum Payload: 15.9kg
Typical Standard Empty weight: 10.4 kg
Flight Controller:
Autopilot Name Custom PX4 flight control stack
Flight Modes: Manual, altitude, position, mission, loiter, orbit, return
Supported Radios Futaba: Spektrum, PX4 compatible SBUS and PPM receivers
Supported Radio Controller:


Telemetry Systems Voltage feed provided for Futaba RX telemetry
Minimum Radio Controller Channels Required: 5 (roll, pitch, yaw, throttle, mode)
Supported: GNSS GPS/Glonass/Beidou/Galileo
Default Data Logging Rate Varies: 25hz for main flight data
Lighting and Indication
Orientation Lights Boom: tip mounted lights
Orientation Light Color:


Options Colors can be set in software – red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, white, off.
FPV Ability Yes

“Do you guys provide engineering support to help us integrate X or Y?
We are happy to evaluate custom projects, but this is not our core business model and we have limited bandwidth for this type of engagement.

What kind of motors does Alta X use?
Alta X uses DJI E7000 motors.
After extensive testing by Freefly, these motors have proven to be very robust and reliable.

Is there a Synapse version of Alta X?
Alta X will operate off the PX4 flight stack similarly to the Alta 8 Pro.

What is the maximum lift capacity of Alta X?
Max gross takeoff weight is 76.9lbs (34.9kg) at sea level, 0°C.
Full performance charts across temperature and altitude can be seen be seen in the Alta X Flight Manual.

What is “ActiveBlade?”
ActiveBlade allows the blades on Alta X to flap to counter some of the undesirable impacts of dissymmetry of lift and cyclic loading. ActiveBlade reduces peak vibration levels to 1/5th of the level seen without ActiveBlade.
This enables better reliability, and more precise flight characteristics.

What kind of batteries does Alta X run on?
Alta X can accommodate a variety of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) flight battery packs.
Battery packs must be 12S, having a nominal voltage of 44.4 V
Only run Alta X using two packs at a time
Alta X has XT-90 battery connectors
Each pack must have a continuous discharge rating of 250 amps or greater, and a peak discharge rating of 500 amps or greater
You can buy flight packs for Alta X here

How big is the case?
This burly Pelican Case for Alta X is the same case shell we use for Alta 8/Pro.
Exterior dimensions: 30x30x20.18″ (76.2×76.2×51.26cm)
Weight (without Alta X or accessories): 55lbs (24.95kg)

What flight controller does Alta X use?
The Alta X flight controller is running the same open PX4 flight stack as Alta 8 Pro, for quick and powerful interfacing.

Can I use third party propellers on the Alta X?
Propellers should be replaced with the same make/model/type found in the Alta X Flight Manual and always replaced in matched and balanced sets.
Replacements are without ActiveBlade are available on our store (clockwise and counter-clockwise).
Replacement props including ActiveBlade are also available on our store (clockwise and counter-clockwise).

Does Alta X integrate with any of my favorite apps? (Pix4d, Drone Deploy, Precision Flight?)
For any systems where you can upload raw data, you’re able to use Alta X.
We have not formally integrated with any 3rd party apps yet, but will be exploring this in the future.
Additionally, if any 3rd party apps want to support Alta X it should be possible to do so using Mavlink / Dronecode.

Does Alta X integrate with any of my favorite apps? (Pix4d, Drone Deploy, Precision Flight?)
For any systems where you can upload raw data, you’re able to use Alta X.
We have not formally integrated with any 3rd party apps yet, but will be exploring this in the future.
Additionally, if any 3rd party apps want to support Alta X it should be possible to do so using Mavlink / Dronecode.

Is Alta X Compatible with DroneCode SDK?
Yes, it is!
What FPV system does Alta X use?
Alta X can be configured from us with this NTSC FPV setup. It comes with a camera, 5.8Ghz transmitter, antenna, cables and mounting brackets.
The Alta FPV OSD overlay remains compatible with most analog FPV cameras and video transmitters. For those seeking a higher resolution or unobstructed HD/digital FPV view, a third-party system can be mounted.
Note: With HD systems, OSD overlay is not available, but the pilot will still have access to critical system telemetry through the ground station computer (which offers audible prompts).

What is the range of the Alta X Ground Station radio module?
Alta X uses a specially programmed FRX Pro for communication with a ground station computer. It is rated for operating ranges of 5000’+ (1500m+)*.
*Range is dependent on signal power settings, RF environment, and line of sight

Where can I find more data on the long range telemetry radio?
Alta X uses a specially programmed FRX Pro for communication with a ground station computer.
You can find more information about FRX Pro here.

Are we able to customize the code on the Pixhawk?
Yes, but not yet. We need to push our code to PX4.

Which vibration isolators should I use with my payload on Alta X?
The Alta X quick-release isolator cartridges are available in different durometers, which gives the user the ability to fine tune vibration damping performance for different payload weights or ambient temperatures. Generally, hotter ambient conditions will see better results from higher durometer isolators.
Each Alta X ships with nine 30A isolators installed, but 40A, 50A and 60A isolators are available on our online store.
The durometer of the cartridge is indicated on each cartridge. Use the chart below as a general guide choosing the correct isolator cartridges or combination of cartridges for your payload.

Can I use 6S packs in series, instead of 12S packs on Alta X?
6S LiPo packs with sufficient current delivery can be used to fly Alta X, but Freefly does not recommend this solution for a few reasons:
It is easy to make mistakes when combining cells in parallel and series, and mistakes can be dangerous (fire, damage to Alta X etc).
The streamlined workflow we developed using 2 batteries is compromised and the poor drone tech will frown at the task of charging and balancing 4 batteries per flight instead of instead of 2.
It can be difficult to mount batteries to the Alta X which are not the right size / shape, whereas the Alta X was designed to easily mount / dismount 12s hard case batteries.
Be safe out there!

What Mōvi Landing Gear should I use with Alta?
We optimized landing gear for flying your Mōvi under Alta and have options for both current and legacy Mōvi systems:
Mōvi Pro & Mōvi Carbon Landing Gear
M-Series Mōvi (M5/M10/M15) Landing Gear*
Spare Leg for either kit
*Not tested or recommended for operation under Alta X

What is the mounting hole pattern on the Cargo Landing Gear?
The Cargo Landing Gear (910-00620) uses our standard Toad in the Hole 32mm on center mounting pattern. It has threaded holes for both M3 and M4 fasteners. Click below for a downloadable PDF (not to scale).”


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