Flir Duo Pro R

This groundbreaking dual-sensor camera provides high-quality radiometric thermal and visible light imaging. The compact size and lightweight packaging make the FLIR Duo R an ideal camera for drone payloads, and is easily compatible with most gimbal systems.

Similar to its predecessor the FLIR Duo, the FLIR Duo R is a small-action-sized camera with big capabilities.
The FLIR Duo and FLIR Duo R share features such as real-time remote camera control, and onboard recording.
Upgraded features of the FLIR Duo R offer greater precision, accuracy and calibrated temperature measurements in every pixel, to meet the demands of thermal drone experts.
This upgraded quality means improved visibility and more accurate data during contactless aerial temperature measurements.
The small and powerful FLIR Duo R weighs in at an impressive 84 grams, with camera body measuring only 41x59x29.6mm.
Despite the small size, quality is not compromised, as the camera offers +/-5°C or 5% accuracy in thermal measurement reading, and can capture color video at 1080p, and uses a Lepton thermal sensor to achieve 2 megapixels of thermal video in 160×120 resolution.


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