DJI Matrice 600 Pro Drone

“The Matrice 600 Pro (M600 Pro) inherits everything from the M600 with improved flight performance and better loading capacity.Pre-installed arms and antennas reduce time required for setup, and the system’s modular design makes it easy to mount additional modules.
The airframe is equipped with the latest DJI technologies, including the A3 Pro flight controller, Lightbridge 2 HD transmission system, Intelligent Batteries and Battery Management system. Several Zenmuse cameras and gimbals are natively compatible and full integration with third party software and hardware make the M600 Pro ideal for professional aerial photography and industrial applications.”

Diagonal Wheelbase: 1133 mm


1668 mm × 1518 mm × 727 mm with propellers, frame arms and GPS mount unfolded (including landing gear)
GPS mount unfolded (including landing gear)


437 mm × 402 mm × 553 mm with propellers, frame arms and GPS mount folded (excluding landing gear)
Package Dimensions: 525 mm × 480 mm × 640 mm
Weight (with six TB47S batteries): 9.5 kg
Weight (with six TB48S batteries) 10 kg
Max Takeoff Weight Recommended: 15.5 kg
Hovering Accuracy (P-GPS) Vertical: ±0.5 m, Horizontal: ±1.5 m
Max Angular Velocity Pitch: 300°/s, Yaw: 150°/s
Max Pitch Angle: 25°
Max Ascent Speed: 5 m/s
Max Descent Speed: 3 m/s
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level:


2170R propellers: 2500 m;
2195 propellers: 4500 m
Max Speed: 40 mph / 65 kph (no wind)
Hovering Time* (with six TB47S batteries) No payload: 32 min, 6 kg payload: 16 min
Hovering Time* (with six TB48S batteries) No payload: 38 min, 5.5 kg payload: 18 min
Supported DJI Gimbals Ronin-MX;



Zenmuse Z30, Zenmuse X5/X5R, Zenmuse X3, Zenmuse XT; Zenmuse Z15 Series HD Gimbal: Z15-A7, Z15-BMPCC, Z15-5D III, Z15-GH4
Flight Control System A3 Pro
Motor model: DJI 6010
Propeller model: DJI 2170R
Retractable Landing Gear Standard Operating Temperature: 14° Fto 104° F (-10° C to 40° C)

“1.Does the M600 Pro have the same firmware as the M600?
No. When connecting to DJI Assistant 2, the aircraft will recognize the correct firmware and update it accordingly.
2.Are the M600 Pro’s vibration damping balls for redundant IMUs compatible with the M600 or S1000+?
They can be used on the M600 but not the S1000+. If redundant IMUs on the M600 use vibration damping balls, then vibration damping balls should also be added to the A3 Flight Controller, ensuring performance is not compromised.
3.Compared with the M600, how has the M600 Pro been improved in terms of performance?
The M600 Pro is equipped with a new 2170R propeller that increases overall efficiency and stability during flight. It is also equipped with the A3 Pro flight controller, enhancing precision control while improving overall safety. Vibration damping balls have been added to the A3 flight controller’s redundant IMUs, absorbing more shake and reducing more noise.
4.Can the M600 fit inside the M600 Pro’s new EPP foam case?
No. When folded,The M600 Pro is smaller in size than the M600.
5.Do the M600 Pro and the M600 have the same propulsion system?
6.Does the M600 Pro also support D-RTK?
7.When flying, DJI GO will sometimes state ‘IMU Data Error’. What exactly does this mean?
DJI GO will state ‘IMU data error’ when barometers are normal but are at risk of being disturbed by airflow (likely when the aircraft is maneuvering or braking at speed). The ‘IMU data error’ warning will stop when the risk of airflow disturbance lowers.
8.Does the M600 Pro use the same controllers and batteries as the M600?
Yes, they both use the same controllers and batteries.
9.Why won’t the landing gear retract or extend when I test it on the ground?
Please connect the M600 Pro to DJI GO and choose ‘unlock landing gear’ to resolve the issue.
10.Does the M600 Pro support GEO?
11.Does the M600 Pro have a dedicated battery heater?
No. However, the M600 Pro’s battery is compatible with the Inspire 1’s battery heater and insulation sticker, which is designed to keep the battery within the temperature range.”

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