FREE Introductory Test Preparation Course to Pass Your FAA Part 107 Test

The Drone Pilot Gold Rush Has Come and Gone.

Now two years after the FAA released Part 107 pilot renewal rate has drones.  Surprisingly however professionals from other industries are now getting their licenses as drones become just another tool in their tool box.  We decided to offer this free course to allow professionals a quick and free way to study for their test and get ready for more advanced training, such as mapping and inspection.

if you have any feedback or want something added to this basic intro course, please email us as here


This section we cover the basic components of the National Airspace System. 




This section will cover basic aviation communication.  




This section we will go into basic weather and reporting.  



Sectional Chart Deep Dive

This is the most important part of the test.  Understanding the aviation sectional chart.  

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