The New 

Modus Mini 2.0

The Mini 2.0  is a unique cost effective mapping solution that combines state of the art drone technology and 3D planning tools with highly accurate compact sensors and full stake software to generate the products that will accelerate your business. 


Our system combines the perfect blend of reliability, performance, and simplicity to create a system that reduces time spent in the field and processing in the office.

The Mini Drone Lidar system combines well-built LiAir V70 Lidar hardware with a simple, effective workflow solution to provide you with survey-grade data that are consistent and reliable.

Tested by surveyors in the field for durability and reliability to ensure that it can survive the rigours of daily use. The affordability and usability of this Mini Lidar System will give your company the edge in obtaining high-quality lidar imagery.


RMSE @ 120m Range


@ 80% Reflectivity


Rec. AGL


Points per Second


Payload Weight


Number of Returns

What’s in this system?

LiAir V70

Livox AVIA, LiAir V70 can provide high-accuracy point cloud for the users in various industries, e.g. surveying, vegetation analysis, powerline inspection.

DJI M300 Drone

Increase the amount of work you can get done with Long Flight Time, All Direction Obstacle Sensing, Weather Proof, Infrared Camera.

Flight Planning Software

Increase productivity and safety with 3D flight planning and terrain following. Easy to use lidar and photogrammetry planning tools ensure you get it right the first time.

Comprehensive Lidar Tools

Full stack lidar mapping solution to cover everything from high accuracy trajectory correction to lidar point cloud error correction and accuracy certification tools.

Point Cloud Analysis and Delivery Tools

Take your data to a new level with complete point cloud tools to clean, clip, classify, convert and export your data.

RGB Camera

Colorize your point cloud data with an optional 24.2 MP Global Shutter direct georeferenced camera.

RTK Survey

Affordable RTK GNSS receiver and rover for centimeter level mapping precision.

Reliable Results For Low Cost Multi-Purpose Scanning On A Multi-Rotor UAV







Construction Season Promotion.

With low prices and finance options the construction season promotion has everything you need to plan, collect, process and deliver lidar and imagery to your customers.  Don’t miss out.  Limited supply.

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Sample Data


YouTube video

Mini Lidar System allows field crews to operate further away from distribution and transmission assets at a fraction of the cost of the high-end helicopter and drone lidar systems. 

Perfect for

Asset Modeling | Vegetation Management | Easements


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The primary reason to use lidar is to map both under vegetation and capture its structure.  The Mini Drone Lidar System’s high point density output combines with its 3 return potential allows you to capture more.  

Perfect for

BioMass | Fire Prevention | Topography

Urban Planning

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As urban planners start requiring more information for planning and monitoring projects, the Mini Lidar System is ideal for small area projects in confined areas.  

Perfect for 

As-is Models | Planimetrics | Flood Models

Modus Mini 2.0 Workflow

Most systems on the market today piece together different 3rd party software. The Mini Drone lidar solution is a one-stop lidar workflow with all the tools to process, correct, and transform your data into products that will…

Drone Lidar Software

Trajectory Processing

PPK and Inertial tightly coupled positional solutions to ensure high accuracy geospatial data

Point Cloud Processing

Streamlined workflows and calibrated tools to remove error most drone lidar system don’t address.

Digital Products

All the software you need to turn your data into usable digital products.


Questions and Anndswers

Can this be used on other drones?

Yes, we can modify the solution to fit most drones.  Talk to our sales reps to see what we can do for you.

What is the accuracy?

Bare earth vertical accuracy can exceed 5cm RMSEv.  Accuracy can vary greatly based upon how well your team does its field work.

Is a base station required?

Yes.  A base station allows the system to remove huge sGPS errors that can really affect the qultiy of yoru data.

What basestations can you use?

All Major Basestations will work.  The system needs to be able to put out or convert the data into a RINEX data format. 

How many returns?

Three returns.  This is important for vegetation penetration.  Note, when you start using multiple returns you must qualify your data differently.  Refer to ASPRS for Special Vertical Accuracy standards when mapping within vegetation.

Can I use drone deploy or pix 4d software to fly the drone?

You can but it will affect your data.  Photogrammetry software was not designed to keep the drone flying  straight and make smooth rounded turns.  After you attend our training you will understand why we have the flight procedures we have.  We spent 7 years perfecting the software  and our techniques to get the best quality data.