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Recognizing that technology continues to change and companies continue to invest in capital equipment,
financing plays a vital role in staying current with new equipment and the upgrades that come with them.

Why Choose Financing?

  • Preserve working capital
  • Tax advantages
  • Easy and simple process
  • Predictable low monthly payments
  • Many customers like to get pre-approved so they know their budget
  • Benefits of Equipment Financing

  • Cash flow
  • Convenience and speed
  • Conservation of capital
  • Lower upfront costs
  • Flexible pay structure
  • Approved so they know their budget
  • Why Choose Financing?

    • Step 1: Apply
    • Step 2: Get Approved
    • Step 3: Select Your Equipment
    • Step 4: Documentation
    • Step 5: Funding
    You are eligible if you are:

    • Sole Proprietor
    • Independent Contractor
    • Partnership
    • Corporation
    • Startup business
    • Located in USA and Canada
    Get Pre-Approved

    Send the completed application and SCL Equipment Finance will get right back to you with your pre-approval.

    Why Choose Financing?

    If you have a question, please email us at [email protected] Or Call Monday -Friday 9am-5pm PST


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