RANGER ULTRA High Definition Corridor Lidar Mapping

The Ranger ULTRA is a laser scanner with a huge range, precision, and pulse rate that can be carried by UAVs.

It has a unique forward-and rear-looking field of view that aims to eliminate laser shadowing and capture geometry on complex vertical structures in one pass.

The Ranger ULTRA is ideal for high point density corridor mapping tasks like power line, railway track, and pipeline inspection thanks to its wide field of view of 100 degrees and a fast pulse repetition rate of up to 1.8MHz.

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It features an impressive range of up to 98 miles and an accuracy of up to 3mm. Powered by rugged design and the latest technology, this sensor can withstand any condition on the job. Its 100 degree field of view, combined with its extremely fast pulse repetition rate of 1.8 MHz, makes it perfect for high point density corridor mapping applications such as power line, railway track and pipeline inspections.

Comes with basic perpetual software or upgrade to advanced Lidar processing capabilities.

RMSE @ 350 Range 25-50mm
Shots per Second 1800k
Rec. Max AGL 720m
@ 20% Reflectivity 760m
Weight 3.5kg
Laser Properties: Class 1 (eye safe) 1550nm
Accuracy 10mm
Precision 5mm
Minimum Range 5m
Pulse Rate 1800 kHz
scan angles (-15˚ / 0˚ / +15˚ at edge of swath) -10˚ / 0˚ / +10˚
Field of View 100°
Lines per Second 50-400
Angle Measurement Resolution 0.001°
Laser Beam Footprint @ 100/500/1000m 40mm @ 100m,
200mm @ 500m,
400mm @ 1000m
Angular Step Width (between consecutive laser shots) 0.0033° ≤ ∆ϑ ≤ 0.032°


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