RANGER-LR LITE Riegl 360 HD Drone Lidar System

LIGHTEST, MOST VERSATILE LiDAR SYSTEM ON THE MARKET The most advanced, smart, and reliable long range recon system on the market. Get access to real-time data, live video streaming, and a suite of sensors to meet your needs. We're here to help with a variety of support and training services to set up and use your RANGER-LR LITE for any mission

The RANGER-LR LITE is the data-rich mapping solution you need for the most demanding applications. It can penetrate dense vegetation, at high speed and altitude, in large scan regions. With a 15Hz update rate, it’s fast enough to capture transient objects and never loses track of your target.

Multiple Camera Options

Mounts on Heavy Lift Drone, Helicopter, Vehicle and More…

Software – Comes with perpetual  software and upgrade to take advantage of advance lidar processing so you get a clean high accuracy point cloud in less time.



RMSE @ 150 Range
Points per Second
Rec. Max AGL
@ 20% Reflectivity
Laser Properties: Class 1 (eye safe)
Absolute Accuracy: RMSE @ 150m Range 25-35mm
Range Accuracy: One Sigma @ 150m 15mm
Range Min. 5m
Scan Rate
750k points
Returns/Echoes 7x
Field of View 360°h degrees
Mirror Speed 10-100 Hz
Angle Measurement Resolution
Angular Resolution (Horizontal/Azimuth) ∆ϑ: 0.06° ≤ ∆ϑ ≤ 1.5°
Laser Beam Footprint @ 100/500/1000m 50/250/100050mmmm
Angular Step Width (between consecutive laser shots) ∆ϑ 0.05° ≤ ∆ϑ ≤ 0.5°


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