MTerra Notus Compact USA Drone Lidar

The Nortus is a complete aerial Mobile Lidar mapping solution, integrating the new LiVOX Avia sensor, with a Military Grade GPS/INSS, and a calibrated 24 MP photogrammetry camera.

MTerra Notus is the perfect solution if you want a compact light lidar system with a high quality output.  Made in the USA it boasts near a .1ft accuracy at a fraction of the prices of similar accuracy systems.  With its fully integrated camera system you can take advantage of true co-capture opportunities to do vegetation penetration terrestrial mapping, ortho mosaic imagery, and photogrammetry models.

System comes with complete set of lidar processing tools so you can do field to finish workflows.
Since the system is compact if can me mounted on all Matrices Series Drones using the already existing sky port mount. The system is used with the DJI M300, DJI M210, DJI M200, DJI M600 FreeFly Alta X, FreeFly Astro, SkyFish, and Airlift Series and other US Made drones.

Laser Sensor Livox AVIA
Range Accuracy ±2 cm
System Accuracy ±5 cm
POS System Performance Attitude: 0.008° (1σ)
Azimuth: 0.038° (1σ)
Onboard Storage 128 GB
Detection Range(@100klx) 190m@ 10% reflectance
230m@ 10% reflectance
320m@ 10% reflectance
Weight(excl.battery) 0.9 kg (excl. Camera)
1.1 kg (Incl. Camera)
Dimensions (Main Unit) 178*81.6*140.2 mm
Camera(Optional) Sony A5100
Route Planning Software LiPlan (proprietary)
Acquisition /PP POS Software LiAcquire web & LiGeoreference
Field of View 70.4°
Scan Rate 240,000 pts/s (first return)

480,000 pts/s (dual return)

720,000 pts/s (triple return)


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