miniRANGER-3 LITE Riegl MiniVux Drone Lidar

The Min Ranger 3 LITE is the perfect solution for everyone who wants to get into 3D mapping. As a modular system, it's customized to suit your specific needs, and has numerous expansion options for future growth. Even better? It's affordable - you'll never have to stop your project because of budget again.

With the Min Ranger 3 LITE, we’ve doubled up on our patented deep-red lasers to give you a 300kHz pulse rate for vastly improved point density, even at altitude. With a 600k rated range on 90% reflective targets and a battery life of up to 100 hours per charge, it’s the most powerful L3 Min Ranger yet!


Shots per Second @ 360° 200k
Shots per Second @ 120° 300k
RMSE @ 75 Range 20-30mm
@ 60% Reflectivity 290m
Rec. Max AGL 75m
Weight 2.2kg
Laser Properties: Class 1 (eye safe) 905nm
Accuracy 20-30mm
Precision 15mm
Minimum Range 2m
Angular Step Width (between consecutive laser shots) 0.05° ≤ ∆ϑ ≤ 0.5°


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