Fly to new heights with LiHawk, the world's most affordable and reliable fixed-wing drone solution on the market today. Powered by our proprietary hyper-accurate laser scanner and best-in-class IMU, LiHawk is designed to fly in all weather conditions and is suitable for any application – from drones for agriculture to wildlife preservation.

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LiHawk is wellsuited for projects aiming to map terrain features beneath forest canopies and extract structural parameters from forest LiDAR data. The centimeter-level accuracy of this measurement device will meet the rigorous accuracy demands of civil engineering and critical infrastructure maintenance professionals.

LiHawk is a high-end, lightweight 3D sensor for aerial data acquisition. With one of the most accurate inertial measurement units in the market and a Riegl VUX-1LR laser scanner, you can be assured that your data will be extremely precise and accurate. LiHawk is designed to be mounted to a fixed-wing airplane platform or multi-rotor UAV.