LiBackpack DGC50 Backpack Lidar

LiBackpack is the first and only all-integrated DGC50 LiDAR scanning system on the market, powering accurate scanning and mapping of vegetation, people, structures, and terrain. It's got a simple-to-use interface that's easy to install & use in any environment. It's the best choice for any surveying, mapping, or as-built needs.

The LiBackpack DGC50 Lidar scanning system is the multi-sensor integrated version of the LiBackpack series, including a horizontal and vertical Lidar sensor, a high-resolution panoramic camera, and a precise GNSS module.

With LiBackpack DGC50, it is possible to scan all sorts of geometry in the environment – from small, man-made objects to large buildings and areas. The LiBackpack DGC50’s layered scanning allows for high-resolution scans without the need for setup and time-consuming re-surfacing. It is a high-end solution for professionals and serious amateurs.

System Weight (incl. camera) 8.6kg
Relative Accuracy 3cm
Absolute Accuracy 5-10cm
Lidar LiDAR Sensors 2
Num of Channels 16 channels
Scan Range 100m@20%reflectance
FOV (degree) Vertical(-90~90) Horizontal 360
Scan Rate (single return) ) 600,000 p/sec
GPS GPS Channels GPS: L1 C/A, L1C, L2C, L2P, L5. GLONASS: L1, C/A, L2C, L2P, L3, L5 BEIDOU: B1. B2
GPS Accuracy 1cm+1ppm
Camera Resolution 3840*1920
Frame Rate 30
FOV (degree) 360
Pixel 18 MP


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