LiAir 220 High Density Drone Lidar

Leveraging a high-powered laser sensor and the power of the cloud, LiAir 220 lets you map overhead power lines quickly and efficiently with a drone-mounted LiAir sensor. It's also designed for use on utility vehicles in both rural and urban areas. With LiAir 220, you'll be able to save time, money, and resources.

The LiAir 220 is a SUAV-mounted system that integrates a 40-channel Pandar40 laser sensor with a 220-meter range making it a go-to solution for power line mapping. Choose between Standard (S220) and Premium (P220) aided by inertial navigation packages for resolving system position ambiguities that occur during data collection.

Laser Sensor Hesai Pandar40P
Range Accuracy ±2 cm
System Accuracy ±5 cm
POS System Performance Attitude: 0.008° (1σ)
Attitude: 0.038° (1σ)
Weight 2.0 kg (incl. Camera)
Dimensions (Incl. Camera) 234*100*181 mm
Camera Sony A5100(optional)
Route Planning Software LiPlan (proprietary)
Acquisition /PP POS Software LiAcquire web &


Field of View 360°(Horizontal)

40°  (Vertical)

Scan Rate 720,000 pts(Single Return)

1440,000 pts(Dual Return)


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