Autel Evo II Dual Drone – Rugged Bundle

Combining high-end visible and invisible imaging, the EVO II Dual 8K Thermal Imaging Drone Bundle from Autel Robotics gives you an aerial video and still image solution for a variety of professions. Using the FLIR Boson sensor, the EVO II Dual can record thermal videos at 640 x 512 resolution at a smooth 30 Hz from up to 146' away. It's an ideal feature for industrial inspection, such as on power lines or solar panel arrays, as well as for law enforcement and firefighters in emergency situations.

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The Autel EVO II Dual is Autel’s commercial/enterprise platform within the EVO II series that features a FLIR Boson 640 thermal sensor along with an 8K/20MP visual sensor. These two sensors are housed in one 3-axis gimbal-stabilized camera unit. Maximum flight time on the EVO II Dual is 40 minutes in forwarding flight, while you can expect about 35 minutes in hover flight.

EVO II Dual incorporates a FLIR Boson thermal imaging sensor with resolutions up to 640×512, enabling the EVO II Dual’s pilot to capture subjects with great detail from up to 146 meters, 4x farther than any aircraft of its class.