Autel EVO II – 8K Gimbal Camera

Autel Evo II 8k Gimbal Camera is an action camera with a lot of power under the hood. It shoots in 8K resolution, so your video can be so clear and immersive, it's like you're in the scene. No more missing the action! And because Autel Evo II has a Sony IMX586 sensor, it can take amazing still photos too. So you'll have a library of unforgettable memories in one high-quality camera

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The EVO II features interchangeable cameras and it is very easy to change out or swap your camera payload whether you are needing to replace a camera, or if you choose to upgrade.

The EVO II 8K Gimbal Drone Camera from Autel Robotics features a Sony IMX586 sensor that can capture video footage at a stunning 8K resolution with your EVO II. Still photos can achieve an even higher resolution, with support for resolutions up to 8000 x 6000. Drones are known for their ability to get into tight areas for previously unachievable close-up shots.