Drone Innovation Center

We Develop Cutting Edge US Made Drones and UAV Payload Solutions to Elevate your Business
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Drone Innovation Center

We Develop Cutting Edge US Made Drones and UAV Payload Solutions to Elevate your Business

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Fully Made in the USA

MODUS’s Drone Innovation Center builds custom unmanned systems for OEMs under * TAA / BAA specifications.
As companies struggle under toy drone vendors and restricted designs, they are going to need to build solutions on proven technology that fully integrate into an enterprise’s architecture. The Drone Innovation Center is the hardware branch of your full remote piloting solution.
We are considered the best Drone Manufacturing center for advanced (non-Military) integrations in the United States. Started commercially in 2016 with a Postal Service drone, we’ve been the best-kept secret in Silicon Valley for years.
* TAA & BAA Compliance. Trade Agreements Act (19 U.S.C. & 2501-2581) TAA requires the U.S. Government may acquire only “U.S. – made or designated country end products.

Products & Services

Drone Design

Resource and design planning is a key element in any rapid prototyping and lean manufacturing process, as it ensures that all potential issues are addressed before large-scale production. This step of the manufacturing process becomes even more important in low-volume manufacturing, as the costs are higher. So, for those looking to craft their own OEM drone and payload system, plenty of time and attention should be dedicated to this phase.
With over 40 years of collective experience ranging from large Type 5 drone design and national system architecture integration to Type 1 commercial system smart systems, we have the experience to make your solution successful.

Learn about our design process.

Power Plant Integrations

Power plants are one of the most critical systems on remotely piloted aircraft. This can determine the functionality, ease of use, portability, endurance, and process efficiency.
Not sure what options are best for your project or what is possible, talk to one of our drone experts. Many companies want you to believe that cutting edge technologies are the way to go, leaving you with half-proven solutions. At the Drone Innovation Center, we want to offer you products and solutions that work every time, especially when you need them the most or most remote environments.
Talk to us about Smart Batteries, Custom Charging Solutions, Gas Hybrid Electric Power Plants, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, and what is best for your use-case.

For a free power plants consultation.

Rapid Prototyping

A drone prototype starts with a proposed design, which should be completed to scale before any parts are purchased. The plan should clearly indicate the purpose of the drone. Is it a multi-purpose device that does a few basic functions or will it serve a specific purpose, such as aerial photography or transportation? These decisions indicate key considerations, such as how much it will need to be able to carry which translates into the weight of the materials and the size of the motor.
Having the right team to help you make those early fabrication solutions can save you thousands of dollars in your Independent Research and Development (IRAD) budget and time getting your product to market.

Learn about our lean prototyping and capabilities.

Payload Integration

Drone Innovation Center is ready to integrate whatever you require. Drones are an amazing transport and delivery mechanism, however, without a payload, they do not serve a commercial purpose.
It doesn’t matter if it is package delivery or more advanced mapping and inspection capabilities, we can integrate your sensor into the drone and remote flight control system. We can also help you integrate so you can stream your data back to your command center or home office.
Our experienced system engineers are pleased to assist with payload integration and customized to your specific needs.

To contact us with your requirements and to receive a custom quotation.

Safety Systems Integrations

Most companies have overlooked safety systems when it comes to drones. Even the US FAA currently doesn’t require type certification for Type 1 or small commercial drones. However as UAVs integrate more into the fabric of daily life, safety systems are going to be a requirement, not only from federal authorities but legal counsel mitigating risk and liability exposure.
Parachutes – Quickly becoming a part 107.39 requirement for a flight over people bystanders and your equipment.
Collision Avoidance – Obstacle Detection & Avoidance System are being outlined as part 107.31 Beyond Line of Sight Waivers requirements.
Are you going to be operating in urban environments? You may want to consider GPS Denied Navigation– As commercial and govt operators push into more challenging environments the need for multi-tiers navigation increases.
Flight System Redundancy. The need for reliably in the battlespace or for public safety requires additional navigation strategies.

Learn more about Modus safety solutions.

Cyber Security and Resiliency

Are your systems resilient? Cyber Security not only pertains to the guarding of your digital media. It also means protection against an outside 3rd party taking control of your asset and directing the drone or sensor to do something, not in your company’s interest.
This could be illegal denial of airspace. Counter UAS (CUAS) activity can be activities like jamming your control frequency, hacking command signals, or spoofing your navigation system.
MODUS professionals have experience in providing cyber-resilient business and communication solutions to protect your business from unnecessary liability.

Need to talk to someone about protecting your drone and downstream data?



Drone Consulting

Our in-house experts ensure the successful adoption and implementation of a solution. Our experts will help you get the most out of your new drone and payload product.

Design and Test

Our experts are meticulous in our design. We rigorously test all our drone products and subsystems to the same standards as manned aircraft. This is a quality standard you can trust.


Our facility has some of the best manufacturing technology such as high-end 3D additive printing, precision laser cutting, and CNC machines.

Learn more about our products, solutions, and services

About Drone Innovation Center

For over 5 years, our approach to developing exceptional commercial drone and payload solutions through understanding our clients’ business goals and offering the best way to achieve them.
Founded by drone industry leaders for emerging drone companies and large commercial enterprises, MODUS Drone Innovation Center was established to fill a void in the drone market with a lack of complete functional solutions serving specific business needs. We do this by introducing solutions to support the emerging demand-driven lean manufacturing approach.
Whether you are looking to upgrade a single functional area or reform your entire infrastructure, our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best solution.

Why Choose Us

Come join the dozens of companies that have been able to rapidly bring a professional system to market.

Rapid Prototyping

We do it faster than the larger companies and at a more affordable price

Advanced Designs

Our engineers have the experience can design systems to meet your technical challenges.

Premium Materials

No hobby parts here. We work with BAA compliant manufactures.

Flight Automation Experts

We engineer solutions to integrate autonomy into DJI and Mavlink drones

Preception Experience

Come join the dozens of companies that have been able to rapidly bring a professional system to market.

Software Solutions

We have a team of full-stack software developers to automate anything you need. 

Learn more about our products, solutions, and services


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