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Transforming Geospatial Data into Business Intelligence

Palm Springs CA, Feb 24 


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What will you learn?

Transforming Workflow

Increasing the Value of Data

Designing Operation Protocols

Shifting Insight from Reactive to Predictive

Increasing Business Intelligence

Averting Risk and Litigation


I took the training last month. A great class that I was able to quickly learn from.  I was out flying within the week.


Sr. Survey Tech, LW Survey

No doubt that the lessons taught in this course are perfect for anyone ready to take data capturing with unmanned systems to the next level, and especially for those who are ready and willing to take this line of work seriously.

Sean G.

Strategic Operations Manager

Event Coaches and Thought Leaders

Daniel J. Hubert

Daniel J. Hubert

Aviation, Data, and Process Improvement Expert

Dan runs a team of pilots, data analysts, and training professionals to assist enterprises and major research universities in streamlining their geospatial mapping needs.  Previously was GA-ASI project manager on MQ-9 Reaper, commanded multi-sensor drone intelligence operations for US Special Forces, a TOP GUN Tactical Instructor for multi-sensor combat aircraft, and theater-level geospatial analysts.  Currently teaching the advanced high accuracy mapping for ASPRS at the National Level.

Shay Roehm

Shay Roehm

Program Management, UAV Operations, and Data Expert

Shay Roehm has over 20 years in product and project management experience in creative design and technology development. Advanced legal expertise and background provide valuable support in pre-planning risk assessment and implantation of safe, mindful operations. Advanced training and certifications provide vast benefits for clients establishing an enterprise solution for sensor integration and data collection, management and visualization.

Jim Oliver

Jim Oliver

Geospatial Data Scientist

Cofounder of Data site, they specialize in value-added geospatial data analytics organization that is utilizing advanced sensors within mining, power, oil & gas, infrastructure markets.
Key accomplishments  include:
• Advanced UAS sensor development and testing- gamma, hyperspectral, magnetometer, methane, LiDAR, etc.
• Development of advanced algorithms and processing workflows specific to UAS data.
• Specific AI and ML automation and visualization tools for UAS data


Noah Ruiz

Noah Ruiz

UAV Mapping Expert

Noah is the Founder of Skynetwest, a team of Data Retrieval Specialists collecting high-value data for Asset Digitization. Noah has taken his US Army infantry operational experience and produced effective and innovative digital collection techniques to support utilities, construction, and infrastructure related business.   Noah is an Adjunct Instructor for the Unmanned Vehicle University, Advisory Board member for Arizona State University Aviation Program, Faculty Associate Instructor for the Unmanned Systems program at Arizona State University. 


Sam Scully

Sam Scully

Technology Staffing Expert

Samantha Scully is the Managing Director for Sam Scully Staffing serves on the Women in Technology Leadership Committee. A technical translator, Ms. Scully provides staffing solutions for AEC, technology and transportation organizations.  Representative, will address in a session which will include staffing solutions for in-house and contract aerial data collection professionals.


Schedule & Location

When: Feb 24th   



 Data Collection, Processing & Analytics Tools

1.  Digital Corporate Change Management

5 Pillars of Geospatial Business Intelligence 
Daniel Hubert, MODUS 

2.  Hardware Systems

Introduction to Sensors, Software, & Platforms
Daniel Hubert, MODUS 

3.  Pilot Technical Staffing

Pilot Recruitment and Hiring Best Practices 
Samantha Scully, Indigo Staffing Solutions 

4.  Data Requirements

What to Identify Before You Start
Shay Roehm, Catalyst AT 

5.  Solution Design

A Roadmap for Successful Data Integration
Jim Oliver, DataSight 

6.  Data Analysis & Predictive Analytics 

Jim Oliver, DataSight 




Value Propositions to Remote Aerial Sensing

1. Commercial Use Case Design Overview

Designing Practices to Meet Today’s Requirements
Daniel Hubert, MODUS

2.  Engineering Applications

Ensuring Data Quality and Accuracy
Jim Oliver, DataSight 

3.  Safety/Risk Management

Designing Safety for the Public & Your Personnel 
Noah Ruiz, SkyNet West

4. Establishing Long-term Value for Historical Data 

Jim Oliver, DataSight 

5.   Data Visualization Design 



Location Palm Desert, CA

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