LiAir Clearance 12 mo Lease Package


LiAir V70 Lidar + 24MP Integrated Camera


12 mo MODUS Lidar support


Green Valley Technical Support



Other Required Items

LiGeo Lidar Software (perpetual)                                  $3,000

Lidar OEM Online Training (set up and operation)    $0

Drone Lease Option

DJI M300 Drone 12 month lease                                     $1,500


Autonomous Drone System (Recommended Package)

** Green Valley works with M200/M300/M600 out of the box.

**  V70 can be configured to work with any drone


MATRICE 300 RTK  Combo (SP)


(4)  MATRICE 300 Series – TB60 Intelligent


(2) WB37 Intelligent Battery


UgCS Expert Lidar Flight Module


Lidar Flight planning and Automation Course



Optional Accessories

**All system require at least a RINEX capable Base station.

** It is highly encouraged for operators to have a Base and Rover to shoot project control.

Emlid does not work with this system

GNSS Static Receiver


GNSS RTK Receiver/ w/ base/rover set



Recommended Software

These are some of the suggested software


Lidar360 with Terrain (10% discount)

$4,500   $4,100

Global Mapper Pro


Global Mapper GeoCalculator



Recommended Training

Lidar Data Processing Course


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