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Free FAA Part 107 Prep Course

FREE Introductory Test Preparation Course to Pass Your FAA Part 107 TestThe Drone Pilot Gold Rush Has Come and Gone. Now two years after the FAA released Part 107 pilot renewal rate has drones.  Surprisingly however professionals from other industries are now getting...

What is LiDAR?

FREE Introductory Course on Drone LiDAR Technology, Data Products, Data Standards, and Applications.Introduction Here is this section we will break down what we will cover for the entire course.  We will also broadly define lidar, its uses, and applications. This will...

LiDAR Positional Accuracy

With the cost of Lidar sensors decreasing, people believe all they need to do is buy the lidar sensor to get results. In this short post we will look at 3 GPS accuracy augmentations Lidar users should consider when buying a LiDAR GNSS mobile system,



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