Still hesitant about starting your drone LiDAR journey and confused about all the CRITICAL things you need to know to begin with?  

When you start using drones for Lidar mapping, it can be overwhelming at first to decide what hardware and software packages are necessary for your specific industry. Some people think that all they need is a drone with a Lidar sensor attached… NOT TRUE. The fact is that such an approach will NOT provide enough data accuracy or speed to meet your requirements, ultimately costing your company more in the long run.

Drone Lidar is not only an efficient and proven technology, but it can also provide great insights into your business operations, which will improve your business decisions and the planning process.

Drone-based Lidar is one of the most exciting and innovative ways that provides a 3D mapping experience, with accurate height data, and much more. 

There are quite a few important items that you need to know when deciding to adopt LiDAR system, and we have listed the 5 most important things that you need as a beginner.   


There is no better way to understand how a thing works unless you have hands-on experience. Knowing how to fly a drone is a skillset that you may want to learn. It gives you the ability to better understand your surroundings, develop your ability to get into minute but critical details, and help you make more informed decisions. And with the advancement of drones in our society, being a commercial drone pilot is going to open opportunities for those with this skill.  


What is Lidar? 

LIDAR is an acronym that stands for Light Detection And Ranging. It refers to a remote sensing technology that emits laser light and measures the time it takes for the reflected light to be detected by the sensor. This information is used to compute ranges or distances to objects. 

Most Lidar systems operate in the near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum; however, some specialized sensors operate in the green band of the spectrum, which allows the sensor to penetrate water and detect and map underwater bottom features. 

Lidar technology evolved rapidly from its inception during the 1960s and is now capable of collecting a wealth of information about the atmosphere, the surface of the earth and features on the surface. With advancements in navigation and global positioning systems, Lidar has quickly become the gold standard for collecting elevation data 


Lidar provides a cost-effective means to collect digital information about the Earth’s surface with accuracy and precision. Using this, we can obtain several “layers” of information from the landscape through a series of Lidar returns. The first return of information to a Lidar sensor would, for example, be associated with the highest features in the landscape (typically treetops, tops of buildings, etc.) 


While there are so many reasons why having proper training in using Lidar is important, the three listed below are the most significant: 

  • Promote greater adoption of LiDAR technology.   

  • Address the need for best practices and common guidelines for the proper mission planning, implementation and collection, data processing, and QA/QC of Lidar data products. 

  • Assist in establishing common data exchange formats, sensor calibration routines, uniform data analysis, and accuracy assessments across the industry.

#5 AFFORDABILITY (Understanding the ROI) 

We must understand that Photogrammetry and Lidar have their strengths and limitations, which means that it is not about determining which is “best” in a general sense but instead, which is the “best fit” for a given project or workflow.  

In many industries, aerial mapping and 3D modeling can be part of the value proposition when calculating the return on investment (ROI) in a drone program, but successful photogrammetry requires safe operation of the drone and effective collection of the imagery.” 

So, these are the 5 necessary things you need to know when starting your Drone Lidar journey. As businesses (both large corporations and small startups) are continuously noticing Drone Lidar capability to increase productivity and maximize profit, there is no better time than now to adopt drone technology.  

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