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MODUS Solution-Based Methodology

Drone LiDAR and Imagery Mobile Mapping Total Solutions

Any company can (and will) sell you off the shelf technology.  The problem with the drone industry is that there is not a one-sized solution that meets every industry’s needs.  MODUS designs complete solutions based upon your specific industry, organic workflow, and your unique project requirements.  

Pick your Drone

MODUS offers a series of different drones to meet your collection needs.  We offer “off-the-shelf” US Made Drones or using MODUS’s Drone Innovation Center we can build to unique specifications.  Having the right drone for the job can make the difference between being profitable and doing a science experiment.

Come see what quality systems we carry.


Picking the right sensor for the job is the most important consideration when researching a mapping or inspection solution.  MODUS has dozens of integration partners to provide the right balance between budget, performance, and resolution.  We even can integrate data fusion products with data meta-tagging to ensure data integrity and security.

Cameras                                     Lidar

Pick your Process

Software companies want to treat each potential customer the same way. However, every company has different strengths and digital product needs. MODUS partners with you to provide organic workflow solutions for your company and the data you deliver. MODUS also provides geospatial and modeling data services that a small business can leverage for future growth. This allows you to focus on what you are good at.

Back it up with Training

With any solution, you want it to last. MODUS offers full drone and geospatial training for our clients. We can also establish standards, develop protocols, and quality controls to ensure your company stays on track. You can spend years trying to develop your own solution, or leverage MODUS’s experience to accelerate onboarding new technology.

Business Development Services

Few of our clients know where to start.  MODUS partners with you and offers cost affordable ways to develop your drone mapping business.  Try our Drone Lidar Rental Services, Drone Mapping Business Consulting, and our Corporate Leasing Programs to give your company an affordable head start.  

Drone Innovation Center

Cutting Edge U.S. Made Drones and UAV Payload Solutions to Elevate your Business

MODUS designs, tests, and builds TAA compliant drones and payload for government and commercial businesses.  Do you have a specification?  Come see what we can do for you.

LiDAR Mapping Solutions

Does your project require seeing under vegetation? 

Lidar Scanning Here

Drone Camera Solutions

Your Complete Source for drone mapping, inspection, and specialty camera solutions

Integrate Camera Here

LiDAR Rental Programs

Weekly Rentals, Quarterly Leasing, and Rent to Own Programs

Rentals Here

Online Drone Survey and Reality Capture Training 

Come learn about LiDAR and photogrammetry the right way?  How about the best workflows and post-processing techniques? Do it right the first time! 

Learn the most current accuracy standards being perfected by the U.S. government and professionals mapping societies.


Do you have an interesting project?  We partner with top universities and research partners.   

Engineering and Construction


Use Cases:

 Planimetric 3D Feature Extraction

  • 3D Mesh Models
  • Mine Mapping
  • Hydrological Mapping
  • Utility Mapping
  • Grade Measurements
  • Volumetric



Use Cases:

  • Utility Vegetation Management
  • Forest Management
  • Burn Maps
  • Biomass Measurements
  • Watershed Modeling
  • Coastal Erosion Tracking

Surveying and Mapping


Use Cases:

  • Topography Maps and Contours
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Digital Terrain Models and Break-lines
  • Cadastral Maps
  • Planimetric Maps

GIS and Data Mapping


Use Cases:

  • Geo-correct 3D Asset Tracking
  • Vegetation Mapping
  • Urban Planning
  • Infrastructure Modeling
  • Topography
  • Cadastral Maps
  • Planimetric Data
Skyelink Drone Community


Discover all our commercial and government partners as we expand drone mapping capabilities and the ecosystem that supports you.

Want to become a MODUS partner and discover collaboration opportunities?  Click the button and find out more.


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