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Whole Sale Medical Masks & Surgical Respirators

Offering wholesale certified medical masks and surgical respirators at bulk prices.

FDA Certifications.  For qualified buyers- we provide our FDA and ISO certification.  We are looking for non-profits and distributors.

How did a drone company offer quality respirators?  Good Question.  We definitely didn’t intend on this, however, our partners in China have had a long-established FDA approved factory and needed help with US sales and distribution.  The US supply system has been caught off guard.  Further several of my family who work in the medical profession can’t get the equipment to protect themselves.  Seeing this need, I ordered MODUS to support by doing our part to get quality masks to the people we need them the most at the best possible price. 

Quality Control.  With our partners, we have an end to end quality coverage.  From factory testing, monitoring customs, our own secure air fleet, and distribution.

We won’t do this forever but this is where we have been called to serve today.

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Drone Innovation Center

Cutting Edge US Made Drones and UAV Payload Solutions to Elevate your Business

MODUS designs, tests, and builds TAA compliant drones and payload for government and commercial businesses.  Do you have a specification?  Come see what we can do for you.

Online Drone Survey and Reality Capture Training 

Online Drone Lidar and Photogrammetry Training

Do you want to discover how to do lidar and photogrammetry the right way?  How about the best workflows and post processing techniques? 

 Learn the best standards being perfected by US government and professionals mapping societies.  

Drone LiDAR and Imagery Mobile Mapping Total Solutions


Do you have an interesting project?  We partner with top universities and research partners.   



Utility Vegetation Management, Forest Management, Burn Maps, Biomass Measurements, Watershed Modeling. Coastal Erosion Tracking



Planimetric 3D Feature Extraction, 3D Mesh Models, Mine Mapping, Hydrological Mapping, Utility Mapping, Grade Measurements, Volumentrics

GIS/ Data Mapping


Geocorrect 3D Asset Tracking, Vegetation Mapping, Urban Planning, Infrastructure Modeling, Topography, Cadastral Maps, Planimetric Data

Surveying / Mapping


Topo Maps and Contours, Digital Elevation Models, Digital Terrain Models and Breaklines, Cadastral Maps, Planimetric Maps



Drone LiDAR Rental

Flex16 System

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LiDAR Training Event

UAV LiDAR Field 


Surveyor Package

Riegl MiniVux

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Hybrid Drone

Fly Longer with extended range heavy lift drones systems

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